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Brightside is funded through donations from individuals, companies and foundations and by a grant from HUD and the St. Louis Community Development Administration.

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NEW! Blitz Recycling Carts

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Gone are the days of throwing everything in the trash.  Today, we are much more in-tune with the benefits of recycling and more people are recycling now than ever before.

To keep up with the ever-growing demand for more sustainable programs, Brightside is excited to add recycling carts to the list of tools that community groups can borrow for neighborhood Blitz clean-ups.

The new recycling carts make it easy to separate recyclables from other trash that is littering our alleys and streets.  Groups can now collect bottles, cans and other recyclables in the new carts, then they simply empty the materials into a blue recycling dumpster common in most alleys.  It’s a little extra work, but this small step makes a big impact.

So, be sure to recycle at your next Blitz project for a more sustainable St. Louis.  Simply request a recycling cart when filling out your Blitz Registration Form, then pick up your cart and share these recycling how-to’s with your volunteers on the day of your event.

Funding for the recycling carts provided in part by the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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